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Helping women express themselves through fitness and dance

Photo by Janelle Baldwin Photography

"Nora's teaching style is unparalleled. She has a way of encouraging you to reach your highest potential without ever making you feel pressured to pass your comfort zone. 

I highly recommend this class to anyone."

- Jessie


To create an international community of women who want to build their confidence and strength, and express themselves through fitness and dance. 

Fitness Ladies


Are you interested in expressing yourself through fitness and dance?

I'll help you discover different ways to build your strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance and coordination using different fitness techniques like HIIT, and circuit training.


We'll also learn different dance routines for you to share and perform. From hip-hop to African inspired routines,  you'll find your groove, get your sweat on, and finish feeling stronger. 

Whether it's providing you with a great workout, personal training or helping you create your first dance at your wedding. I'm here to serve you.

Check out my classes below! See you in the studio.

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"Nora’s BootDance class is amazing.  It mixes a challenging bodyweight workout with learning a fun dance routine.   Nora is so encouraging and she can accommodate any level of fitness or dance experience.  The best parts are the laughs shared during class and being a part of the community that Nora is helping to build.”

- Jana

Photo by Janelle Baldwin Photography


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