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 I Woke Up Like This Training Package

Welcome to your Personalized training package that offers you the best of both worlds - Strength training, offered in 1:1 sessions,and access to Group fitness classes.This package includes:

up to 4 personal training sessions and access to a full Bootdance session (6 weeks, one class per week). The 1:1 personal training is a great addition to the group fitness classes because it will provide:

  •  a tailored plan that you can take with you beyond the program

  • fun and energy -filled workouts 

  • a gentle push outside your comfort zone

  •  increased confidence with strength training

  •  guidance with nutrition (not a nutrition plan) 

  • motivation to be and stay consistent with your fitness goals. 

Your Benefits

  • a tailored plan.

  • increased strength (get use to saying, "No thank you I don't need any help with my bags...").

  • Learn how to performe exercises with optimal form to help decrease risk of injury.

  • increased confidence (walk into any weight room with ease and with your head high because "you got this!").

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