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Loving That Lower Body

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

There are many ways to approach your workout routine. You could do a full body strength workout (i.e., hitting all of the major muscle groups), focus on one or two muscle groups, or combine your strength workout with cardio. On the days you feel like working on that booty give the workout below a try.

What do you need?



-Weights (optional)

How will this work?

We’ll do this workout in a superset fashion by performing the exercises in each combo back to back. For example you will perform squats and lunges back to back with no break between the exercises.

Remember to warm up before your workout, and cool down and stretch afterwards. There are pictures (see below) and links to the exercises if you need some assistance. Enjoy!

Combo A

1. Squats – 30 reps.

Begin in a standing position, feet about shoulder width apart. Engage your core, push your hips back, and bend at your knees. Keep your back straight and head aligned with your spine. Your arms can extend in front of you for balance. Go as low as your body will allow but maintain your form. Keep your core engaged as you squeeze your glutes to get back into standing position.

2. Reverse Lung – 10 reps each side.

Start in a standing position, engage your core, shoulders down and take a wide step back with your left leg and lower down. If you can, try to get your right thigh parallel to the floor while keeping your torso upright (tip, watch that your knees don’t go over your toes!). Get back into standing position by squeezing your right glute to bring your left leg beside your right (tip: think about driving your front foot into the floor, I find that this helps me to engage my glutes). Repeat all 10 reps on the right leg before switching to the left.

After completing exercises 1 and 2, rest for 1 minute then repeat x 2

Combo B

3. Courtesy squats – 15 reps each side.

From standing position, ensure your feet are shoulder width apart, pick up your left leg and cross it behind your right. Similar to doing a lung lower down while keeping your torso upright and ensure your knee is going in the same direction as your foot. Squeeze your right glute as you drive your self back up into standing position, placing your left leg beside your right. Repeat on the right side.

4. Dumbbell deadlifts – 15 reps.

Pick up your weights while keeping your palms facing toward. Place your arms in front of you. Place your feet hip width apart. Keep your shoulders down and shoulder blades contracted. You should have a slight bend in your knees. Engage your core as you hinge at you hips and lower your upperbody (torso) until parallel to the floor. Keep your weight close to your body as you lower. Squeeze your hamstrings to pull you up to starting position.

After completing exercises 3 and 4, rest for 1 minute then repeat x 2

Combo C

5. Wide and narrow squats – 30 seconds.

Start in a squat position. Take one small step out to the side with your left foot, followed by your right. Get back to starting position by stepping your left foot back in, followed by the right. Remember to maintain your squat position throughout this exercise.

6. Squat calf raise combo – 15 reps.

Start in a squat position (see squats above if you need a refresher on this exercise), hold for 2 seconds before moving to standing position. From standing position lift your heels off of the floor, squeeze your calves and lower back down into your squat. Work on moving seamlessly between the two exercises. Repeat.

Option – extend your arms above your head as you are doing your calf raises .

After completing exercises 5 and 6, rest for 1 minute then repeat x 2

If you don’t have a lot of time to get through this workout, you can modify it to fit your needs. (e.g., you can do a jog around the block and perform one set of combo A, or do one set of combo A and B).

I hope you enjoy this lower body action packed workout. This is your girl signing off.

GG out...


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