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If you've been following my Instagram posts you know that I've been talking about my favourite "S" word...shoulders. Yes we all want to look good in our t-shirts and tank tops but shoulder strength, I believe, is about being able to perform in your life without injury. To do this we need to work the front, sides and the back (posterior) of our shoulders (deltoids).

There are many ways to work our posterior deltoids, today I am choosing the bent over reverse fly. For his exercise you’re in a mini-squat position while you move your arms away from your

body until they are parallel with the floor.

Some tips to perform this exercise:

Perform using a sold stance - stand with your feet shoulder width apart, hinge at the hip to get yourself into, what I call, a mini squat position make sure your neck is in neutral position throughout the exercise. Keep a slight bend in your elbows

Remember to breath - exhale as you contract your muscles (think about squeezing the back of the your shoulders), inhale as you lower down.

Drop the dumbbells - you can use your own bodyweight for this exercise, just think about adding tension in your arms to create resistance.

Working your entire shoulder head (front, side, back) is beneficial to achieve balanced strength in your shoulders. As I mentioned last week, strong shoulders will help you in performing everyday activities - lifting groceries, lifting your child or just lifting a glass of wine to your lips after a long week.

Does this help? Let me know by leaving a comment. I'd love to know what you think and what you want to learn more about, so holla at your girl.


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