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A fitness tip for the homebound

Hi friends! I hope all is good and well in your world. COVID-19 has put a snag in our lives, right? Family time, social time, and getting some me time have all taken a hit due to this virus. It may have also thrown off your fitness game.

What's a girl to do?

It's a good thing that we have facetime, zoom or skype to help us connect with family and friends. Getting some me time can be solved by locking yourself in your room with a glass of wine and Netflix...depending on the day you're having, maybe you need a bottle of wine. Lol.

As for your fitness, check out the video below for tips on how you can use your coffee table to work the large muscle groups in your body.

I hope you find this video helpful. Feel free to leave a comment and share this with your friends. Until next time, stay safe and keep moving!

-GG out...

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