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Boutique Fitness

Attending the Can-fit Pro conference last year was a chance for me to expand my understanding on topics that will help my participants perform better and reduce their risk of injury. What I really enjoyed about the conference is being in the presence of fitness leaders and people who have catapulted into celebrity status. For one hour at a time we got to hear their journey, their struggles, their philosophy and perspectives on current fitness culture and trends.

It wasn’t that surprising that fitness is moving away from the “all services in one” gym model to specialized and focused services, also known as boutique gyms. Barre, yoga, spin, boxing, circuit HIIT, are examples of the type of boutique fitness studios that have popped up in Calgary over the past several years. 

When I was living in Winnipeg I attended a small women’s only gym. It didn’t have a lot of weight or cardio equipment, but what they lacked in equipment they made up in great fitness classes that cultivated a sense of community among members. This is what kept me going, the feeling of being connected and being in fellowship with others who shared the joy of getting a great workout. I imagine this is the draw to boutique fitness classes. The sheer newness of having a different way of working out, the cool and exciting atmosphere to workout in, and the charismatic instructors will make people dip into their wallets to pay a bit more for what they are not getting at their local gym.

When I started doing my own fitness classes I was looking for an opportunity to meet other women who were interested in doing something a bit different for their weekend workouts. II imagined classes where we work together to build strength and improve our cardiovascular capacity by focusing on mostly bodyweight exercises. Now I love me some weight training, it's a consistent part of my workout routine; however, bodyweight workouts can offer a different challenge to those who are use to lifting weights. It also offers an opportunity to learn proper form and technique without the burden of using weights so when you’re ready to add weight to the movement, you can do it with confidence.

I also love to dance and I want it to be an integral part of my classes. Working out to hip hop, dancehall, African music gets my creativity flowing and produces a class that yields the benefits of a traditional workout and a dance class. Holla! Similar to boutique fitness classes, I offer something that you cannot get at a gym - group fitness classes that will help change how you look and feel while giving you an opportunity to express your fabulous self and to connect with other fabulous people.

As I mentioned before, I was not surprised by the trend of boutique fitness. It’s clear that they are popular and meet a need or fill a gap in a person’s regular workout routine. My classes offer full body workouts where, in one hour, you will get fat burning cardio drills and strength training, as well as a chance to explore your inner dancer. I invite you to come out for a great workout in a chill and motivating environment.

I always encourage my participants to try different workouts, so even if you don't try my classes, get out there and find a class that you think you will enjoy. You may find something that you didn’t know you were looking for.

For more information on my classes visit and sign up for my mailing list.

GG out…

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