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Change what is not working

I think you would agree that our new COVID situation has had its ups and downs. Since I returned from vacation in March, I have been working from home. I cannot believe how much time I now have in the mornings. I have a bit more time to sleep and still have time to get in a decent workout. Since I don't really need to shower, (well I do but you know what I mean) dress up, and get my lunch together before work, my mornings have been easier and lighter.

I cannot stress how much I do not miss the rush in the mornings. In fact, it makes me sad to think about going back to the usual morning routine which starts at 4:45 am. I rush to get ready, I rush to the gym, I rush back home, I rush to get ready, and I rush to work - do you see a common trend here?

The blessing of COVID has made me realize that I have been tolerating a daily cycle/routine that does not give me any joy. This morning routine was one of the reasons why I pleaded with my boyfriend to go on vacation. Girl, I just needed a break.

Why not just change what is not working?

Good question. Have you ever done something and not really think about why you're doing it? I think this is what happened to me. My morning routine is something that I've always done since I was 25 years old. Over the years, I've brainwashed myself to believe that this is how things need to be: Wake up, work out, work, repeat. I didn't allow myself to be flexible with this routine.

Wake up, work, work out? Oh, no girl! A change in my routine usually led to a frustrating and anxiety-filled day and me thinking, "ugh why didn't I get my lazy self up to workout?" I crucified myself if I didn't carry out my morning routine. But life was simpler when I was younger (I didn't know that then, ha), and to continue to do something because that's the way you've always done it is crazy. I should know better.

This new COVID living (i.e., working from home) is giving me the opportunity to review, analyze, and perhaps reset how I will start my day post-COVID. I don't know what needs to change, but a change is needed. Why be stressed out about something that I have the power to change? I like to believe that I'm not alone. I'm sure you have experienced or are experiencing something similar, and have asked yourself the same question, "why not just change what is not working?" I don't want to give out any advice on how to do this because I'm still trying to figure it out myself. But I think the first step is asking yourself the question, right? Why do we do the things that we do? Great scientific findings and life-changing inventions of our modern world have started off with a question. If you're doing something that is not serving you, I hope that this post prompts you to ask yourself Why? May you find the answer you are looking for. This your girl signing out.


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