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No Time? No Problem. Circuit Training to the Rescue.

There have been many times when I had to sacrifice my workout time to handle other life priorities. I’m sure you can relate. Sometimes we don’t have a full hour to dedicate toward our workouts and let’s be honest, sometimes we don’t want to dedicate a full hour. Circuit training is my go-to workout when I need a break from my regular training schedule, when I need to shake things up, or when I’m short on time.

Circuit training is doing a set of exercises back-to-back with little rest between. The advantages of circuit training include its ability to:

- combine both strength and cardiovascular training

- be adaptable to your workout needs

- reduce your workout time

Circuit training can also be done at home and outside with little to no equipment. This type of workout is done by combining a variety of exercises, try these bodyweight exercises.

A - Jumping jacks (option: Superstars – get into a low squat position, jump upwards extending your arms and legs while you’re in the air, land in a squat position both feet planted on the ground)

B - Push ups

C - Sprinting (option: high knees)

D - Squats

E - Bench sit ups ( option: low plank)

Do each exercise for 30 seconds back to back (A to E), rest for 60 to 90 seconds, then repeat. If you want to spice it up do the exercises for 30 seconds each in the following combinations:

· A + B

· C + D

· C + B

· B + E

· A + D

· D + E

After you get through all of the combinations rest for 2 min or longer before repeating. Don’t keep the fun to yourself, do this exercise with your family or friends. Get them involved by giving them each a combination to yell out.

You can tailor your circuit training by adding weights, increasing or decreasing the amount of exercises and length of time you do them. Try not to exceed 10 exercises and choose exercises that will allow you to keep a steady pace throughout the length of time/repetition you plan for each exercise in your circuit.

In my classes I use this type of workout because it provides an opportunity to do a variety of exerices that challenges my participants in different ways. Come out and workout with me, check out one my classes in July, visit for more information. With circuit training the possibilities of a great workout are endless! This is your girl signing off.


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