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Vacation and Exercise Confessions

For many people, going on vacation means removing yourself from the day-to-day grind of life and work, and replacing it with relaxation and sunshine. Although my boyfriend would disagree, I also enjoy relaxing but I do have trouble letting go of my workout routine while on vacation.

While on vacation it is important for me to maintain some type of physical activity, and long walks for me don’t exactly cut it. Currently I am on vacation in Europe, starting-off in Italy. Before I left Calgary I made sure I packed my running shoes, by resistance band and a bender ball. There is a side of me that says, “GG just relax enjoy and rest your body.” But then the other side of me says, “this booty won’t stay up on its own girl, put that pasta down and get moving!”

I will admit that my desire to maintain a workout routine as gotten me into trouble. I’ve gotten lost during a run in a town outside of London and while running through the streets of Barcelona, twice. Yikes. While visiting a friend in L.A., I decided to go for a morning jog and I accidentally found myself in a sketchy neighbourhood. I had to increase my paces so that I could get out of there fast. I've locked myself out of hotel rooms because I was in a hurry to get in a quick workout and forgot to makes sure I had my room key with me. 

Despite these mishaps I will use the equipment I packed to feed my workout addiction while on vacation. I hope to share with you some of my trip and workout adventures. Don't worry, I will stay close to my hotels, and will avoid running:). This is your girl signing off.

GG out...

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