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DIY Workout Part I

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Over the years, I've had the pleasure of teaching many fitness classes. After speaking with my participants, I learned that fitness classes were the only method of keeping fit. Due to the variety of classes that are available, attending fitness classes is a good strategy to keep your body fit. But it got me thinking, what was stopping them from working out on their own?

A survey I conducted about fitness goals and challenges revealed that a barrier to working out is not knowing what exercises to do and the format it should be done in. And here lies the purpose of this blog post, to give you some tips to help you create a workout you can do at home. Understanding how to create your own workout will make you less reliant on attending an in-person class. You also will not have to deal with the inconvenience of not participating in an online class due to your cable or internet going down. If you want that kind of freedom, keep reading...

We will use the FITT (Frequency, intensity, time, type) principle to create. the foundation for your workout. Ask yourself the following questions:

How often do I want to exercise? (frequency)

How hard do I want to work? (intensity)

How long do I want to exercise? (time)

What exercises do I want to do? (type)

The benefit of the FITT principle is that it can be used to create a one-month workout plan or to design a singular workout. Also, FITT offers structure to your workout plan and away to easily adjust it to ensure you're challenging yourself and moving towards your fitness goals. Whether you are creating a one-month workout plan or an ad-hoc workout, make sure you take the time to evaluate your current situation and answer the questions above. Also, consider what resources or equipment you have available. Although I am writing this post assuming that you want to create a workout to do at home, you may want to incorporate equipment only offered at the gym.

In DIY Workout Part II, we'll walk through an example of how to use the FITT principle so you can create a workout that will meet your needs. Stay tuned...



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