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Embracing the Process

In my class last week, I expressed how frustrating it is to not be 100% fitness-wise (#achillesinjury). Activities that I normally do without much thought is now, at times, uncomfortable and painful. Training for a marathon or even a 10K is out of the question. Ugggggh!

What can I take from this experience?

While stretching after a workout, I realized that I am training for something, to get back to running and being able to give 100% in any activity I do. This realization changed my perspective from despair to hopeful.

As I rehab my Achilles, I also have the opportunity to train other muscles, movement patterns, and explore other forms of cardio. #betteratmoving #comingbackstronger

So this is me embracing the process.

Changing the way I thought about my situation gave me new energy, I may not be able to control how fast this injury heals but I can control how I respond to my situation.

Is there anything you experienced that required a shift in your mind? Share it! I’d love to hear it.

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