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Forget all the rest, remember this one.

When the gyms opened up in June, I was one of the many people waiting in line to get into the gym. I was craving cardio given I could not run due to my Achilles injury. For a number of weeks, my workouts were heavy on the cardio and light on the weights. I sat down and had a long talk with myself because I was feeling out of balance and looking and feeling weaker. It was time for a course correction.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have slowly started to bring back more structured strength building and I’m feeling much better in my body and mind.

I wanted to share this story with you because it's a reminder to make sure we have balance in our workouts. As women, it's important to have strength-based workouts as we lose muscle mass and bone strength as we get older. So ladies, if you forget any lifestyle or fitness tip that you've received from me or any other source that is okay, but remember this one: Balanced fitness plans/workouts and keeping up with our strength training is important!

As you know, I teach fitness classes that primarily focuses on bodyweight; however, we do use light weights or resistance for some of the workouts for an extra challenge. Although you won’t gain the muscle mass required to compete in a fitness/figure competition, bodyweight exercises can be easier on your joints and help you learn the movement patterns involved when doing weight-bearing exercises. In addition, it's a great way to tone your arms, chest, back and legs.

On November 12, I will be teaching a 6-week BootDance class. This class is part fitness and part dance and will have a focus on bodyweight movements to work our upper body and cardiovascular system. For more information check out this link. Until then, stay well and stay blessed.


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