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Cast Away These Myths and Fears

Does the word, bootcamp, conjure up an image of a drill sergeant type instructor yelling at you to not punk out to do more push-ups? Bootcamps has achieved a reputation for being a no-nonsense workout. Bootcamps originated in military settings but now the term is ubiquitous in fitness centres and workout programs everywhere. Bootcamps were designed to be intense workouts; however, the term bootcamp is also often used to describe the intention or focus of the class e.g.) Abdominal Bootcamp, Cardio Bootcamp etc. In my experience, people tend to be intimidated by this class/type of workout. Here are two myths and fears about this type of class that I’d like to address. Myth and Fear #1 – Bootcamps are too intense. Bootcamp is a type of class that includes different training methods and approaches. For example, High Intensity Interval Training, a.k.a HIIT, could be one part of a bootcamp class or the lead actor. An instructor may also include classic strength training techniques like super setting, performing an exercise back to back with no break, or running you through mini circuits that include a combination of cardio, strength and flexibility exercises. Creative instructors may also incorporate partner training, games and obstacle courses into the class. I love incorporating these approaches in my classes. It helps to build camaraderie and infuses fun into the class so that you don’t even know you’re working out. Overall, bootcamp classes can vary including the level of intensity. It is possible to find a class that will meet your needs. It is always a good idea to investigate the class before signing-up. Myth and Fear #2– I won’t be able to do all of the exercises / I won’t be able to keep up I believe in creating an environment where people can feel successful. A good instructor will do this by providing you modifications during the workout. If you’re not able to run, you can speed walk. If you are not able to do a push-up on the ground due to weak wrists, you can do them against the wall. If you are not able to perform high knees, you can do a low-impact version (step knees). Fitness is a journey and everyone progresses at different rates, do what you can and be proud of what you’re able to achieve. The next class may be worse or better, the point is that you showed up which means that you are that much closer to achieving your goals. One of the classes I created is a bodyweight bootcamp class. The purpose of the class is to give you access to a workout that doesn’t rely on weights or equipment and provide an opportunity to leverage your bodyweight to build strength. However, we do use light weights to provide you a different challenge. I wanted to create a class for you that doesn’t have a dance component, like BootDance does, but incorporates all of the things that you may love about BootDance, the music! I invite you to join my online bodyweight bootcamp class. I have a 6-week session starting on September 16th! Go to to register. Bootcamps have many benefits. It can help meet your fitness goals, whether you're looking to lose weight, improve your strength and power, or maintain your current fitness level. If you don’t attend mine, there’s still time to check one out in 2020. -GhanaGirl

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