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Swing into this month with this...

Kettlebells are another type of workout equipment that is very common in gyms and workout facilities. Kettlebells provide a different way to add resistance to your workouts as well as help you burn fat and increase power and endurance.

Most of the exercises that you can do with a dumbbell you can do using kettlebells. However, depending on your fitness goals you may need to walk past the kettlebell rack and pick up a dumbbell or barbell. I like doing kettlebell swings when I don’t have time to lift some weights and I want a bit more cardio in my training


After observing people's form while performing the basic kettlebell swing, it makes me wonder if they think the movement is primarily to improve arm or shoulder strength. Most of the time I see people forcing the weight up with their arms instead of using the power in their lower body. In fact, when done correctly, kettlebell swings work your glutes hamstrings, lats, and core. Click on the link below for a demonstration on how to do kettlebell swing properly.

If you’re wondering when you should use dumbbells vs a kettlebell send me a message. I'd love to answer your questions. If I can't, I will find the answer. This is your girl signing off...


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