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You Cannot Resist This

You’ve probably seen resistance tubes in your gym or you probably have one yourself. Tubes or bands provide another option for resistance training while offering the same benefits of using free weights.

Similar to using free weights, bands or tubes will help you strengthen and tone your muscles. What I like the most about resistant tubes is it's convenient, affordable, useful for travel (tubes are lightweight so easy to take them anywhere). Most importantly, tubes or bands can work almost any muscle gorup. Physiotherapists may prescribe tubes or bands to help you rehabilitate an injury. I know I’ve received one or two band exercises from my physiotherapist.

You can use a tube or band to add resistance to almost any motion. For instance, in the photo below, I’m performing a side lunge while holding up a resistance tube. As I step into the side lunge, the muscles in my biceps, shoulders and upper back are contracting to fight against the resistance I created by stretching and holding the band.

If you’re using a band or tube for an exercise like front shoulder raises (like I’m doing in one of the pictures below) or for a more dynamic exercises, like a side lunge, it’s really important that you're aware of your form and alignment or you could do more harm than good.

If you’re not familiar with using tubes, try checking out a class. GoodLife Fitness, where I workout, has a class called CXWORX, which uses a mix of bodyweight, light resistance (including tubes) to help strengthen your body.

Of course, you can always check out a GhanaGirl fitness class. I use bodyweight exercises and bands for our strength training. Come out to get strong, dance and get a great workout in. I will have some classes coming up soon so stay tuned!

If you’re wondering where to find a resistance tube or band, send me an email, and I will hook you up.

This is your girl signing off…

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