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Online vs In-Person Fitness Classes

Q: If I had a choice, I would rather do online fitness classes rather than in-person fitness classes.

A: 100% NO

I asked this question in a poll and it looks like all of you are ready to get back to your lives pre-COVID, including hitting classes at the gym. I don’t blame you. I’ve been doing online classes for about a month now. Although I ‘ve enjoyed it, there are challenges. For one, it’s hard to know if you’re seeing what I’m doing clearly or understanding my instructions. More importantly, I’m not able to fully see what you are doing so in the back of my mind I’m thinking “Oh lord, I hope her form is okay, I don’t want her to injury herself.”

I defiantly prefer face-to-face classes. I miss the interaction from the class and feeding off the energy from my participants. Until we are able to meet again in-person, all we have is technology!

BootDance: BootDance is a fitness class that is part bootcamp and part dance. The first part of the class is focused on strength training and cardiovascular fitness. We'll use a combination of low and high-intensity bodyweight exercises. In the second segment, we'll work on our coordination, balance, and mental focus by learning dance routines inspired by Hip Hop, African, and Jazz genres.

Bodyweight Bootcamp: Not into dancing? No problem. Using our own bodyweight, gravity and light resistance, we will learn and perform workouts that test our strength, endurance, balance, agility, and coordination. High-intensity training, circuits, and super-setting are just some of the methods we'll use during this 40-50 minutes workout set to energizing music.

In my classes, we work hard and have fun. Join my email list by heading to my website to sign up, you can also send me a comment OR just click on the link below. As a thank you for signing up, you will receive my one-stop-shop exercise guide.

I’d love to see you. Together let’s build a community of badass women who want to be fit and show off their swag.

-GhanaGirl Out…

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